What are the key benefits of SucceedSmart?

SucceedSmart removes inefficiencies and inflated costs, disrupting five decades of traditional executive search, while offering a lifelong professional network that embraces privacy, transparency, diversity, and affordability.

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I’m an executive

The best executive-level opportunities begin with the best connections, join SucceedSmart today and start building lifelong professional relationships.

I’m an executive | SucceedSmart, executive placement agency
  • “Invite-only” lifelong career platform It’s free and anchored by a community of vetted leaders valuing privacy and direct access to Fortune 1000 companies and fast-paced startups
  • Exclusive executive peer network Engage, network, and learn from SucceedSmart’s executive members, all Director level and above, never get bombarded with irrelevant connection requests
  • Privacy and confidentiality Now you have the power to maintain complete control over access to your full profile, choose which companies and peers gain access to your full profile
  • Bring your resume to life Highlight your background, experience, and passion while proactively engaging hiring managers, before they even meet you, through a video profile
  • Proprietary technology platform We leverage the time-tested approach of many dating platforms, utilizing our proprietary AI Platform and recommendations engine

I’m a hiring manager

Join SucceedSmart today and start taking advantage of an executive search platform built for the needs of today’s corporations and the future-ready executives they’re looking to hire.

I’m a hiring manager | SucceedSmart, best job hiring platform
  • Complete candidate pool access Enhance corporate confidence, visibility, and transparency knowing that SucceedSmart’s complete candidate pool is evaluated prior to providing matches for your open position, unlike traditional executive search companies
  • Matches that matter Our AI-driven platform matches the precise requirements of a job requisition to the exact criteria of a candidate’s profile, ensuring hiring managers are only presented with the accomplishments-based profile of superior candidates from SucceedSmart’s complete candidate pool. When both parties successfully match, similar to many dating platforms, a connection is made and the candidate’s comprehensive profile unlocks.
  • A competitive edge through diversity Diverse executives contribute to a corporation’s ability to outperform competitors, increase employee engagement, and achieve higher profits. SucceedSmart is ready to support corporations meeting and exceeding new diversity goals. Candidates choose to self-select, through a double opt-in, to identify themselves as diversity candidates and also to share this diversity status with corporations. Corporations may also opt-in to include a selection of diverse candidates for each requisition, though each candidate’s profile remains free of personally identifiable information, leaving a decision to match with candidates based solely on accomplishments, removing any bias.
  • Improved time-to-hire Quickly modify search parameters and receive a new, pre-screened pool of self-selected executive candidates at the Director-level and above, eliminating inefficiencies of the traditional executive search process, leading to improved time-to-hire within weeks instead of months
  • Power of video Bring a candidate’s background, experience, and passion to life by viewing answers to professional questions recorded on video helping get a deep understanding of each candidate quickly
  • Wave goodbye to non-solicit clauses At SucceedSmart there are no roadblocks when it comes to finding the best executive talent, say goodbye to the non-solicit clauses of traditional executive search firms, start enjoying access to the entire SucceedSmart candidate pool
  • Affordable and budget-friendly No more worrying about exorbitant pricing from traditional executive search firms, at SucceedSmart you enjoy a flat $40k success fee when a candidate is hired, along with a nominal SaaS fee of $500/user/month