September 14, 2021

4 Most Common Executive Recruiting Challenges Hiring Managers Face

By: ssadmin

Choosing an executive candidate represents a daunting task. No one wants to make a bad hiring decision. Yet, no one can avoid the challenges hiring managers face when it comes to executive recruiting. Take a deep dive on some of the core challenges facing hiring managers in today’s market.

Challenges hiring managers face when selecting an executive candidate

The world of work is changing rapidly for executives and the executive hiring managers looking to find that diamond in the rough. This post highlights the current challenges facing hiring managers selecting executive candidates. Executives, listen up, the list below will help you meet the challenges of today’s unique work environment. Hiring managers are finding that executive talent must provide clarity on the following soft skills in order to thrive:

  • Empathy – Executives, you can’t move forward thinking you’re above the experiences, feelings and thoughts of the workforce you’re leading. It’s time to get grounded. One of the key learnings of the current global pandemic involves the realization that each of us is human, vulnerable, and sensitive to the actions of others.
  • Focus on workforce well-being – Once you establish a level of empathy with your employees, it’s much easier to walk in their shoes and focus on making sure their well-being is of paramount importance. This includes mental health services, workplace safety, family matters, DEI programs/training, etc.
  • POV on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – There’s a strong focus in today’s corporations on DEI. Executives need to recognize that most organizations don’t represent a level playing field. Only then will each executive be able to formulate a DEI POV that can be shared with executive hiring managers.
  • Ability to speak to a broad audience of stakeholders stakeholder engagement lays the foundation for broad-based stakeholder support.

Bottom line executives, it’s much more than simply about the bottom line. Good news, you have the ability to become the future-ready leaders corporations need. The SucceedSmart platform utilizes video in an effort to bring a candidate’s background, experience, and passions to life, helping hiring managers to see beyond the traditional resume in order to gain a deeper understanding of each candidate. Contact us to if you have questions about the most affordable executive search software – Succeed Smart.