March 9, 2023

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential: The Role of Executive Coaching

By: sanjay sathe

Whether you’ve been an executive for a while or just starting in your first leadership position, it’s important to remember that what goes up can also come crashing down. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the game to maximize your leadership potential is to engage the services of an executive coach.

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential: The Role of Executive Coaching

Congrats, you’re an executive. Now you have the responsibility to lead. How can you be sure you have the tools to lead effectively and efficiently? You will need guidance, support, and feedback to reach your full leadership potential. An executive coach is one of the best resources you can tap into to increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, improve decision-making, and enhance communication and interpersonal skills. While you might think getting an executive coach is a sign of weakness, it signals that you’re a life-long learner interested in improving your core competencies to help drive personal and organizational success. The power of coaching is remarkable, and some of the essential benefits are mentioned below. Read on to learn about the five key benefits of executive coaching.

Five Important Benefits of Executive Coaching

  1. Empowered leadership through self-awareness
    With a coach by your side, you’ll be a leader who is more self-aware and is driven by a passion for excelling. Coaching-based leadership interventions create a remarkable improvement in the performance of executive leaders and professionals like yourself. A coach will help you achieve clarity of thought and better reasoning ability while making complex decisions. In essence, it creates the confidence to believe in your ability to work with your peers and the world.

    “To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do.”  — Vironika Tugaleva

  2. Empathy Enhancer
    Awareness and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses creates empathy to accept others as they are. Coaching sessions develop an understanding of other people and their intentions and emotions. The deeper you are aware of yourself, the more you can understand other people as well. Executive leadership roles involve interactions with countless people. People look up to executives like yourself for inspiration and guidance, and empathy creates the pathway to connect.

    In a Forbes article titled, “Leading With Empathy In Today’s Working World”, the author states, “EY’s 2021 Empathy in Business Survey uncovers some staggering insights on the transformational impact of empathy at work, with 89% of employees agreeing that empathy leads to better leadership, 88% feeling that empathetic leadership inspires positive change within the workplace and 85% reporting that empathetic leadership increases productivity among employees.

    In the report, Steve Payne, EY Americas Vice Chair – Consulting said, ‘Our research finds that empathy is not only a nice-to-have, but the glue and accelerant for business transformation in the next era of business. Empathy’s ability to create a culture of trust and innovation is unmatched, and this previously overlooked trait must be at the forefront of businesses across all industries.’”
  3. Elevates emotional intelligence
    Emotional intelligence is a sign of maturity. Emotional strength will allow you to look at people and situations objectively. It eliminates the need to judge others through one’s perception of who they are. In a business environment where a leader is bound to make decisions, coaching helps to look at things for what they are. Often thoughts and decisions are clouded by past experiences, regrets, anger, revenge, or other feelings that are not conducive to good judgment. Coaching brings this awareness and helps professionals to be neutral in their reasoning.

    In Travis Bradberry’s book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, he states “Leaders prime the emotional state of the organization. So when they’re ineffective, when they set poor examples of how they treat other people, that trickles down throughout the company.” 
  4. Improved communication & social skills
    Social skills represent the fabric of the building and maintaining of relationships. Be it communication with peers, teams, clients, management, and including your personal life, it’s crucial to have the ability to maintain a good rapport. Coaching removes the veil of pretentious behavioral patterns. When we go out in the world representing our authentic selves to others, there’s a greater chance that they will feel comfortable being their authentic selves. Trust and belief are created effortlessly when a leader communicates from the space of mutual benefit and truth.

    In her article titled “Management Tools – On Communicating Well”, Joelle Jay states, “Communication takes effort. But it is effort well spent given the benefits – a more pleasant, more productive work setting in which everyone feels valued, ideas are shared openly, and relationships are characterized by trust.”
  5. Change is swift and effective
    Having a coach creates an outside view of who you are. If there is a wide gap between who you think you are and how others perceive you, communication will always be challenging, which dilutes the overall effectiveness of one’s job. A coach acts as a ‘speaking mirror’ and helps one see changes in their patterns faster than they can do by themselves.


An executive coach plays a vital role in an organization’s and its leaders’ growth and development. You’ll notice that corporations that consistently grow invest heavily in their human resources. Any high-performance organization has high-performing teams with structured learning and development programs specifically designed to hone executives’ core competencies and shortcomings to build upon them.

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