January 11, 2022

8 Tips for Writing a Compelling Executive Biography

By: sanjay sathe

Who are you? What makes you stand out from your professional peers? Take a moment out of your day and learn how to link your soft skills to your value proposition in order to create a compelling executive biography that solidifies your personal brand. This blog removes the pain points we all face when tasked with creating our own executive biography.

8 Tips for Writing a Compelling Executive Biography

Oftentimes, as individuals, the most difficult product to market is ourselves. This post provides key insights into creating a persuasive executive biography, thus minimizing the procrastination that paralyzes us on a topic that every one of us knows best!

An executive biography represents a distinctive one-page document that speaks to your current position, unique value proposition, quantifiable accomplishments, and a small glimpse into your personal passions. An executive biography doesn’t constitute a resume, which provides a chronological, often bulleted list of your career path, relevant skills, and measurable achievements. 

Before we get to the tips on writing a compelling executive biography, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive list of the elements needed to create an exciting executive biography.

  • Relevant facts and examples to support your skills
  • Core values and principles
  • Current employment status that includes an engaging job description
  • Professional experience
  • Awards and acknowledgements
  • Community involvement
  • Education
  • Any publications, if applicable
  • Professional headshot and/or link to a video portfolio/profile

There’s a good chance you’re still feeling overwhelmed regarding what to write. First, take a breath, you’re not alone. As we said initially, marketing ourselves is one of the most difficult tasks for people. Take your time reading through the tips below. Each tip will slowly chip away at any anxiety you’re working through.

  1. Organize – Before you start writing, have clarity on your target audience and decide what to tell them about yourself. Focus on what sets you apart.
  2. Capture the reader’s attention – It’s important to hook a reader immediately. Generally, a reader will give you ten seconds. Start with a clear and creative branding statement.
  3. Let your passion, philosophy, and style shine through – Include the values, attitude, and skills that led you to some of your major professional successes. 
  4. Convey your value – You might have skill sets standard for your profession, but this is the time to convey your unique value proposition, i.e. what are some things that set you apart. 
  5. Don’t be chronological – Remember that your executive bio is not your resume. Talk about your current position instead, along with the relevant experiences that led you to this position, and your vision for your future. 
  6. Validate your successes – While listing your achievements and accomplishments, validate those with supporting facts or data. If possible, use substantial numbers or percentages that make it easy for your readers to follow the significance of the current results. Make sure to highlight any recognition or accolades received for your accomplishments.
  7. Include a small glimpse into your personal passions – You want to keep your executive biography light and conversational. A great way to do this is to let your personality shine through by including some information about your hobbies and interests. This can be especially compelling if your hobbies directly relate to your professional endeavors.
  8. Contact Details – Conclude the executive biography with your contact details so your reader can connect with you when they want additional information. Include a headshot, your email address, and a link to your professional network of choice.

Your executive biography provides a human touch to the story that represents your career, while also serving as a wonderful document to use when you’re creating an elevator pitch for your SucceedSmart profile.

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