SucceedSmart symbolizes the bright future of a reimagined executive search framework, contributing inspiration and innovation to the marketplace, while simultaneously meeting the needs of today’s companies and the future-ready leaders they’re looking to recruit.

SucceedSmart, a future ready executive job search platform
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Our story

Sanjay Sathe, Founder & CEO of SucceedSmart, found himself mystified with the traditional executive search industry that dominated the US market for five decades. SucceedSmart was created to infuse the fatigued industry with newfound inspiration and innovation by building an AI-driven marketplace that offers corporations direct access to pre-screened executive candidates, speed-to-hire, affordability, transparency, and predictability. Executives benefit from a free, lifelong career platform built with a community of vetted leaders that value confidentiality, direct access to Fortune 1000 corporations and fast-paced startups, support of a DE&I mission, a peer network, and six months of executive coaching to members.


of all executive searches fail to make a viable hire
Source: Executive Information Exchange


of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when evaluating companies and job offers
Source: Glassdoor

SucceedSmart connects corporations with world's best executive talent

What we do

SucceedSmart’s mission is simple, we’re in the business of making connections. We understand that the best executive-level opportunities come from the best connections. The SucceedSmart platform encourages and empowers hiring managers and executives by employing a proprietary algorithm that leverages the time-tested approach of many dating platforms. Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, SucceedSmart values privacy and affords every executive complete control over who sees their profile.

SucceedSmart offers lifelong professional network that embraces privacy & transparency
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