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SucceedSmart, executive job search
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SucceedSmart, executive job search platform for executive staffing SucceedSmart, the executive job search software platform

SucceedSmart revolutionizes the traditional executive search industry, restoring control of the process back to corporations and executives. With AI-powered solutions, including rich algorithms and proprietary matchmaking processes, SucceedSmart is poised to change the way impactful and influential corporations and executives maneuver to the forefront of their respective fields. Corporations benefit from direct access to pre-screened and diverse executive candidates, speed-to-hire, affordability, transparency, and predictability. Executives benefit from a free, lifelong career platform and peer network, built with a community of vetted leaders.

For executives

Welcome to a by-invitation only community designed
for highly accomplished executives like yourself:

SucceedSmart offers confidential & personalized executive job search

Confidential and personalized Securely connect with hiring managers at Fortune 1000
companies and startups while maintaining your privacy

SucceedSmart pays executive success bonus or coaching

$10,000 Executive Bonus Plan Enjoy a $10,000 success bonus, a $10,000 donation to the charity of your choice, or get 100 days of executive coaching from SucceedSmart after accepting a job offer and starting employment

SucceedSmart, a platform for executive job search & peer to peer networking

Exclusive peer network Collaborate with world-class executives and cement lasting
professional relationships in our peer network

For hiring managers

Welcome to an affordable and transparent executive
search platform, featuring three main benefits:

Executive job search platform to leverage diversity & privacy

Leverage diversity through privacy Enjoy stronger and more diverse short lists via a name/image
blind approach to connecting with executive talent

Budget friendly executive job search platform, SucceedSmart

Budget-friendly pricing Enjoy a flat and industry disrupting $40,000 success fee only when a candidate is hired, along with a nominal $500/user/month SaaS fee, wave goodbye to exorbitant pricing from traditional executive search firms

AI driven executive job search software platform to improve productivity

Improved productivity Internal recruiting teams no longer have to spend
endless hours chasing executives with limited success