May 21, 2024

How Executive Recruitment Outsourcing (eRPO) Can Empower Talent Teams to Work More Strategically

By: sanjay sathe

In today’s competitive and dynamic talent market, senior leadership executive positions are more difficult to fill than ever before. The average time to fill an executive role is more than four months, and turnover rates across executive positions are on the rise. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects that overall employment of top executives will grow 3% from 2022 to 2032, with an estimated 311,600 openings for top executives each year.


Another critical challenge organizations face with executive recruitment and retention is navigating the Silver Tsunami, meaning an unprecedented wave of retirements in the U.S. labor force. Given challenges related to an ongoing shortage of qualified executives and the complexity of leadership recruitment, partnering with traditional executive search firms or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers is no longer effective.

Why traditional RPO providers don’t work for executive recruitment

Companies often opt in to executive search services as part of broader agreements with RPO providers because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of using one provider for all outsourced recruitment needs. However, traditional RPO providers and staffing companies don’t have the targeted expertise or structure required to successfully manage executive recruitment, leading to significant challenges with filling director, vice president, and other senior leadership positions.

RPOs and related staffing companies primarily focus on mass market and high-volume recruiting and lack experience in navigating the complexities of executive search and recruitment. Additionally, most recruiters, traditional RPO providers, executive search firms, and staffing companies evaluate candidates based on skills. However, past accomplishments are a critical indicator to predict future success and performance for executive candidates while minimizing bias, meaning taking a skills-based approach to executive recruitment doesn’t work.

Leveraging a dedicated Executive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (eRPO) solution

By partnering with a modern executive recruitment platform like SucceedSmart, traditional RPO providers can focus on what they’re best at—high-volume recruiting—while benefiting from SucceedSmart’s disruptive executive recruitment platform and deep human expertise.

SucceedSmart’s platform is specifically designed for executive recruitment. A unique, pioneering blend of proprietary, patented AI, human expertise, and a user-friendly SaaS model quickly and cost-effectively deliver ideal candidates for executive teams. The AI-powered platform is also easily configurable, and can be white-labeled based on specific business needs and requirements.

Benefits of traditional RPOs partnering with an eRPO solution  

Rather than navigating the complexities of executive RPO on their own, traditional RPO companies and staffing companies can now quickly and cost-effectively fill executive roles on behalf of their clients by partnering with SucceedSmart and using our eRPO solution. With SucceedSmart’s support, RPOs and staffing companies can now drive both client and candidate satisfaction while minimizing penalties and other costs often associated with unfilled roles. 

One of the innovative, patented ways SucceedSmart connects qualified executive talent to open positions is by evaluating candidates based on accomplishments, rather than skills. Examples of executive accomplishments may include leading a company IPO, acquisition, or round of funding. 

Based on a super-aggregated data set of millions of executive profiles, SucceedSmart uses our proprietary, patented accomplishment-based algorithm to match best-fit candidates with open positions based on job description criteria.

AI-powered technology also promotes diversity by eliminating conscious and unconscious bias in executive recruitment through a “single-blind” approach to candidate matching.

Benefits of corporate talent leaders partnering with an eRPO solution

SucceedSmart acts as an extension to talent acquisition teams and is dedicated to supporting talent leaders so they can be seen as valuable partners and drive more impact for internal stakeholders and the business as a whole. 

Through our blend of AI-powered executive recruitment technology and human expertise, HR and talent acquisition professionals can work more efficiently and strategically.

The platform efficiently matche­s qualified and intereste­d executives to ope­n positions, saving over 50% of the time typically spe­nt on candidate sourcing. This enables recruiting te­ams to focus on building meaningful connections with candidates and guiding the­m toward successful outcomes.

By saving time on executive sourcing and recruitment, talent acquisition and HR teams can also focus more time on more strategic priorities including:

  • Strategic workforce planning 
  • Succession planning
  • Talent pipelining
  • Talent development 
  • Refining hiring strategies and metrics

Learn more about SucceedSmart’s AI-powered platform and eRPO solution

Hiring qualified, accomplished leaders is critical to business success. SucceedSmart modern, AI-powered executive recruitment platform and team of expert talent advisors can help traditional RPO providers and internal talent teams fill complex leadership roles with unmatched accuracy, agility, and affordability. 

Through the SucceedSmart platform, speed up time to hire to 4-6 weeks, rather than 4-6 months, while reducing total costs by 70% compared to traditional executive search firms.    

Learn more about how SucceedSmart’s eRPO solution can help you access qualified, interested, and available executive candidates. Schedule a demo to connect with a member of our team directly.